"Consejo, Inc. has been a long-time user of the Kellerman Encryption Library. We’ve implemented it into many of our applications and found it a very valuable library. As a part of an ongoing effort to improve service to our clients, we’ve looked for other utilities, like the Encryption Library, that could reduce the time it takes to build applications. The Gold Suite just made sense. It contains numerous libraries, like Encryption, Caching and Logging, that we use on nearly every project. Now, we can eliminate hours, days or even weeks of work from a project. We can then spend that "saved" time on building additional functionality for our clients."

Shawn Shell, Principal

Includes all of our award winning products AND all updates and any new products released during the yearly subscription.

It makes sense to buy the Gold Suite. If you add up all the individual components that come in the Gold Suite, it amounts to over $2000. That is a savings of over $1700!

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